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Cover Page (Front)

Telemedicine in Baltic Sea Region: Experiences of Tartu University

Toomas Asser, Ülla Linnamägi CMJ 2004; 45: 523-525

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Cover Page (Back)

Handball: The Beauty or the Beast

Tonko Vlak, Dinko Pivalica CMJ 2004; 45: 526-530

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Clinical Trial Registration: A Statement from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors

CMJ 2004; 45: 531-532

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Guest Editorials

Education in Family Medicine – Gains and Dangers

Amanda Howe CMJ 2004; 45: 533-536

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General Practice East of Eden: an Overview of General Practice in Eastern Europe

Igor Švab, Danica Rotar Pavlič, Smiljka Radić, Paula Vainiomäki CMJ 2004; 45: 537-542

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Family Medicine in Croatia: Past, Present, and Forthcoming Challenges

Milica Katić, Vesna Jureša, Stjepan Orešković CMJ 2004; 45: 543-549

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Are Problems of Academic Medicine a New Phenomenon?

Lajos Kullmann, Tamás Kullmann CMJ 2004; 45: 550-552

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Dilemma of an Indigent Country: Is Academic Medicine a Good Investment?

Przemyslaw Kardas CMJ 2004; 45: 553-555

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Academic Medicine in a Southern African Country of Malawi

Adamson S. Muula, Corey Lau CMJ 2004; 45: 556-562

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Family Medicine as a Model of Transition from Academic Medicine to Academic Health Care: Estonia’s Experience

Heidi-Ingrid Maaroos CMJ 2004; 45: 563-566

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Family Medicine

Does Equal Availability of Geographical and Human Resources Guarantee Access to Family Doctors in Estonia?

Heidi-Ingrid Maaroos, Kersti Meiesaar CMJ 2004; 45: 567-572

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Efficiency and Sustainability of Using Resources in Estonian Primary Health Care

Kersti Meiesaar, Margus Lember CMJ 2004; 45: 573-577

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Patients’ Opinions on Family Doctor Accessibility in Estonia

Ruth Kalda, Kaja Polluste, Heidi-Ingrid Maaroos, Margus Lember CMJ 2004; 45: 578-581

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Evaluation of Primary Health Care Reform in Estonia from Patients’ Perspective: Acceptability and Satisfaction

Kaja Polluste, Ruth Kalda, Margus Lember CMJ 2004; 45: 582-587

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Rheumatic Patients in Primary and Secondary Care: Differences in Structure of Diagnoses and Working Load within a Five-Year Period

Riina Kallikorm, Mare Tender CMJ 2004; 45: 588-591

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Evaluation of Symptom Presentation in Dyspeptic Patients Referred for Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy in Estonia

Helgi Kolk CMJ 2004; 45: 592-598

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Seeking Quality Improvement in Primary Care in Crete, Greece: the First Actions

Christos Lionis, Mariza Tsiraki, Vassilios Bardis, Anastasios Philalithis CMJ 2004; 45: 599-603

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New General Practitioner Payment Formula in Croatia: Is It Consistent with Worldwide Trends?

Don Hindle, Karolina Kalanj CMJ 2004; 45: 604-610

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Croatian Pharmaceutical Sector Reform Project: Rational Drug Use

Ken Harvey, Karolina Kalanj, Ranko Stevanović CMJ 2004; 45: 611-619

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Frequent Attenders in Family Practice in Croatia: Retrospective Study

Marija Vrca Botica, Luka Kovačić, Mirjana Kujundžić Tiljak, Milica Katić, Iva Botica, Mirica Rapić, Dinko Novaković, Slavko Lovasić CMJ 2004; 45: 620-624

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Education about Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy of Anxiety among Primary Care Physicians in Croatia: Balint Group Approach

Stanislava Stojanović-Špehar, Sanja Blažeković-Milaković, Dubravka Matanić CMJ 2004; 45: 625-629

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Obstacles which Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Meet while Adhering to the Therapeutic Regimen in Everyday Life: Qualitative Study

Nevenka Vinter-Repalust, Goranka Petriček, Milica Katić CMJ 2004; 45: 630-636

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Public Health

Interregional Differences in Health in Slovenia
I. Estimated Prevalence of Selected Cardiovascular and Related Diseases

Lijana Zaletel-Kragelj, Ivan Eržen, Zlatko Fras CMJ 2004; 45: 637-643

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Interregional Differences in Health in Slovenia
II. Estimated Prevalence of Selected Behavioral Risk Factors for Cardiovascular and Related Diseases

Lijana Zaletel-Kragelj, Ivan Eržen, Zlatko Fras CMJ 2004; 45: 644-650

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Patient Satisfaction in Dental Outpatient Clinics in Turkey

Haydar Sur, Osman Hayran, Celal Yildirim, Gonca Mumcu CMJ 2004; 45: 651-654

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History of Medicine

200th Anniversary (1804-2004) of the Publication of the Poem: Vaccinatio; De Jenneriano Invento Optime Merito; Carmen Elegiacum; by Croatian Scientist Luko Stulli

Ana Borovečki, Cvijeta Pavlović CMJ 2004; 45: 655-673

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News and Comments


CMJ 2004; 45: 674

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Paths of Medicine


CMJ 2004; 45: 675-676

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Medicine and Peace


CMJ 2004; 45: 677-678

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Quality Corner


CMJ 2004; 45: 679-684

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Book Review


CMJ 2004; 45: 685-686

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CMJ 2004; 45: 687-688

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