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Welcome to the CMJ podcast!
Anton Glasnović talks to scientists who publish in our journal about their recet achievements.
As this is relatively new feature, any comments and suggestions would be appreciated!

2021, August, No.4
Anton Glasnović talks with dr. Andreas Raabe about advances in neurosurgery.
Prof. Dr. Andreas Raabe is chairman and head at the Department of the Inselspital University Hospital Bern.

2020, December, No.6
Domhnall MacAuley talks about medical journal as an open access multimedia platform for medical communication (link to the associated article)
Dr. MacAuley is an editorial consultant who previously held senior editorial positions at BJSM, BMJ, PLOS Medicine, CMAJ and, most recently as Editor in Chief of BJGP.

2020, February, No.1
Anton Glasnović chats with dr. Rok Čivljak from Dr Fran Mihaljević University Hospital for infectious Diseases in Zagreb about current epidemic of a new coronavirus disease (link to associated article)

2019, December, No.6
Anton Glasnović chats with Tomislav Kuliš about how introduction of robotic surgical system significantly changed prostate cancer surgery
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