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VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT: Guest Editor: Dragan Primorac


Cover Page

Human Genome Project based Applications in Forensic Science, Anthropology, and Individualized Medicine

Dragan Primorac CMJ 2009; 50: 205-6

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Validity of Low Copy Number Typing and Applications to Forensic Science

Bruce Budowle, Arthur J. Eisenberg, Angela van Daal CMJ 2009; 50: 207-17

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Malignant Tumors and Forensics – Dilemmas and Proposals

Zoran Budimlija, Connie Lu, Grace Axler-DiPerte, Jessica Seifarth, Dorota Popiolek, Franz Fogt, Mechthild Prinz CMJ 2009; 50: 218-27

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Evaluation of Modified Yfiler Amplification Strategy for Compromised Samples

Kimberly A. Sturk, Michael D. Coble, Suzanne M. Barritt, Jodi A. Irwin CMJ 2009; 50: 228-38

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Forensic Science

Y-chromosome Short Tandem Repeat Intermediate Variant Alleles DYS392.2, DYS449.2, and DYS385.2 Delineate New Phylogenetic Substructure in Human Y-chromosome Haplogroup Tree

Natalie M. Myres, Kathleen H. Ritchie, Alice A. Lin, Robert H. Hughes, Scott R. Woodward, Peter A. Underhill CMJ 2009; 50: 239-49

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Validation of Testing and Interpretation Protocols for Low Template DNA Samples Using
AmpFlSTR® Identifiler®

Theresa Caragine, Rebecca Mikulasovich, Jeannie Tamariz, Ewelina Bajda, James Sebestyen, Howard Baum, Mechthild Prinz CMJ 2009; 50: 250-67

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Developmental Validation of Short Tandem Repeat Reagent Kit for Forensic DNA Profiling of Canine Biological Material

Melody Dayton, Mikko T Koskinen, Bradley K Tom, Anna-Maria Mattila, Eric Johnston, Joy Halverson, Dennis Fantin, Sue DeNise, Bruce Budowle, David Glenn Smith, Sree Kanthaswamy CMJ 2009; 50: 268-85

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Kinship and Y-Chromosome Analysis of 7th Century Human Remains: Novel DNA Extraction
and Typing Procedure for Ancient Material

Daniel Vanek, Lenka Saskova, Hubert Koch CMJ 2009; 50: 286-95

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Identification of Skeletal Remains of Communist Armed Forces Victims During and After World War II: Combined Y-chromosome Short Tandem Repeat (STR) and MiniSTR Approach

Damir Marjanović, Adaleta Durmić-Pašić, Lejla Kovačević, Jasna Avdić, Mirela Džehverović, Sanin Haverić, Jasmin Ramić, Belma Kalamujić, Lada Lukić Bilela, Vedrana Škaro, Petar Projić, Kasim Bajrović, Katja Drobnič, Jon Davoren, Dragan Primorac CMJ 2009; 50: 296-304

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Genetic Polymorphism and Haplotype Analysis of 4 Tightly Linked X-STR Duos in Koreans

Eun Jin Lim, Hwan Young Lee, Jeong Eun Sim, Woo Ick Yang, Kyoung-Jin Shin CMJ 2009; 50: 305-12

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Short Communication

Genetic Polymorphisms of 17 Y-chromosomal Short Tandem Repeat Loci in Atayal Population of Taiwan

Fang-Chin Wu, Chin-Wen Ho, Chang-En Pu, Kuang-Yu Hu, David Hwang Liu CMJ 2009; 50: 313-20

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Population Data for 15 Short Tandem Repeat Loci from Wallachia Region, South Romania

Florin Stanciu, Ionel Marius Stoian, Oana Raluca Popescu CMJ 2009; 50: 321-5

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My Africa

Africa and Swine Influenza Virus

Adamson S. Muula CMJ 2009; 50: 326-7

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Let’s Get Something Straight

The Best, the Worst, and the Juiced: the Need for and Suggestions to Improve the Olympics

Charles H. Calisher CMJ 2009; 50: 328-31

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Health of the Health System

Happy New Fear: New Disease of the Year

Karmen Lončarek CMJ 2009; 50: 332-4

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CMJ 2009; 50: 335-8

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