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A case of successful treatment and separation of conjoined twins in Croatia!

Štefan Grosek CMJ 2019; 60: 299-300

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Successful separation of xypho-omphalopagus conjoined twins with extrauterine twin-twin transfusion syndrome: a case report

Ruža Grizelj, Nada Sindičić Dessardo, Krešimir Bulić, Tomislav Luetić, Danko Mikulić, Anko Antabak, Ivica Sjekavica, Ana Marija Alduk, Sanja Konosić, Karolina Režek Tomašić, Tomislav Ćaleta, Sanja Pleško, Dalibor Šarić, Jurica Vuković CMJ 2019; 60: 301-8

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Admission C-reactive protein and outcomes in acute aortic dissection: a systematic review

Mislav Vrsalović, Ana Vrsalović Presečki CMJ 2019; 60: 309-15

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The influence of general practitioners on access points to health care in a system without gatekeeping: a cross-sectional study in the context of the QUALICOPC project in Austria

Kathryn Hoffmann, Aaron George, Tessa Van Loenen, Jan De Maeseneer, Manfred Maier CMJ 2019; 60: 316-24

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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation performed by trained providers and shorter time to emergency medical team arrival increased patients’ survival rates in Istra County, Croatia: a retrospective study

Katerina Bakran, Andrej Šribar, Monika Šerić, Gordana Antić-Šego, Marija Ana Božić, Aleksandra Prijić, Taša Lacković, Jasminka Peršec CMJ 2019; 60: 325-32

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Validation of the new classification criteria for systemic lupus erythematosus on a patient cohort from a national referral center: a retrospective study

Marija Bakula, Nada Čikeš, Branimir Anić CMJ 2019; 60: 333-44

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The efficacy and adverse effects of budesonide in remission induction treatment of autoimmune hepatitis: a retrospective study

Ömer Burcak Binicier, Süleyman Günay CMJ 2019; 60: 345-51

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Glutamatergic activation of A1 and A2 noradrenergic neurons in the rat brain stem

Duygu Gok-Yurtseven, Ilker M. Kafa, Zehra Minbay, Ozhan Eyigor CMJ 2019; 60: 352-60

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Association between rs2303861 polymorphism in CD82 gene and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: a preliminary case-control study

Parham Habibzadeh, Behnam Honarvar, Mohammad Silawi, Shima Bahramjahan, Azar Kazemi, Mohammad Ali Faghihi, Kamran Lankarani CMJ 2019; 60: 361-8

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Tensors all around us

Branimir K. Hackenberger CMJ 2019; 60: 369-74

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Confidence intervals: what are they to us, medical doctors?

Vladimir Trkulja, Pero Hrabač CMJ 2019; 60: 375-82

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“Air fresheners” as legal highs

Marina Bježančević, Katarina Dodig-Ćurković, Ružica Palić Kramarić CMJ 2019; 60: 383-4

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National Brain Councils – common challenges and regional cooperation

Pavle R. Andjus CMJ 2019; 60: 385-7

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Gas micronuclei underlying decompression bubbles may explain the influence of oxygen enriched gases during decompression on bubble formation and endothelial function in self contained underwater breathing apparatus diving

Ran Arieli CMJ 2019; 60: 388

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Unopposed estrogen and endometrial cancer: association or causation?

Andrea LaCroix, Velimir Šimunić, Slobodan Vukičević CMJ 2019; 60: 389

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Heines DE. Neuroanatomy Atlas in Clinical Context: Structures, Sections, Systems, and Syndromes

Goran Šimić CMJ 2019; 60: 390

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Shafarenko M, Tonfighi T, eds. Essential Med Notes 2019. Comprehensive medical reference & review for USMLE II and MCCQE

Marina Raguž CMJ 2019; 60: 391

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