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CMJ – Continuity through changes

Svjetlana Kalanj Bognar CMJ 2019; 60: 67-8

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A call for unification: how to defragment the human brain, medical professions, and national strategies?

Dinko Mitrečić, Alexandra Alves-Rodrigues, Roland Pochet CMJ 2019; 60: 69-70

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Brain derived neurotrophic factor expression and DNA methylation in response to subchronic valproic acid and/or aldosterone treatment

Katarina Buzgoova, Jan Graban, Lucia Balagova, Natasa Hlavacova, Daniela Jezova CMJ 2019; 60: 71-7

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Raman microspectroscopy: toward a better distinction and profiling of different populations of dental stem cells

Jelena Simonović, Boško Toljić, Božidar Rašković, Vladimir Jovanović, Miloš Lazarević, Maja Milošević, Nadja Nikolić, Radmila Panajotović, Jelena Milašin CMJ 2019; 60: 78-86

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Therapies for multiple sclerosis targeting B cells

Ron Milo CMJ 2019; 60: 87-98

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Neuroprotective and reparative effects of endoplasmic reticulum luminal proteins – mesencephalic astrocyte-derived neurotrophic factor and cerebral dopamine neurotrophic factor

Katrina Albert, Mikko Airavaara CMJ 2019; 60: 99-108

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Glia in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and spinal cord injury: common therapeutic targets

Jelena Ban, Cynthia Sámano, Miranda Mladinic, Ivana Munitic CMJ 2019; 60: 109-20

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Necroptosis is one of the modalities of cell death accompanying ischemic brain stroke: from pathogenesis to therapeutic possibilities

Valentina Hribljan, Damir Lisjak, Dražen Juraj Petrović, Dinko Mitrečić CMJ 2019; 60: 121-6

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Molecular mechanisms of microglia- and astrocyte-driven neurorestoration triggered by application of electromagnetic fields

Jasmina Isaković, Dunja Gorup, Dinko Mitrečić CMJ 2019; 60: 127-40

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Sex differences in early communication development: behavioral and neurobiological indicators of more vulnerable communication system development in boys

Shir Adani, Maja Cepanec CMJ 2019; 60: 141-9

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The European Brain Council: toward sustained and better coordinated brain research in Europe

Monica Di Luca, Frederic Destrebecq, Giovanni Esposito CMJ 2019; 60: 150-1

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Ten priorities for national brain and mental health plans

François Mauguière, Jose-Luis Trejo, Pavle Andjus, Cristina Vergara, Roland Pochet CMJ 2019; 60: 152-5

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Toward earlier diagnosis and treatment of rare neurological disorders: the value of coordinated care and specialist centers

Paola Giunti, Stephen Morris, Maja Relja, Gregory Pastores, Vinciane Quoidbach CMJ 2019; 60: 156-7

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Reinke’s crystals in perivascular and peritubular Leydig cells of men with non-obstructive and obstructive azoospermia: a retrospective case control study

Mario Kordić, Davor Tomić, Dragutin Soldo, Dinko Hauptman, Davor Ježek CMJ 2019; 60: 158-65

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Interleukin 1 level, cognitive performance, and severity of depressive symptoms in patients treated with systemic anticancer therapy: a prospective study

Justyna Jasionowska, Monika Talarowska, Ewa Kalinka, Aleksandra Skiba, Janusz Szemraj, Iwona Mikołajczyk, Piotr Gałecki CMJ 2019; 60: 166-73

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Person-centered care and access to drugs in the digital environment: to cure or to sell

Vanja Kopilaš CMJ 2019; 60: 174-6

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Genetics without genes: application of genetic algorithms in medicine

Branimir K. Hackenberger CMJ 2019; 60: 177-80

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Relative risk of using odds ratios

Pero Hrabač, Vladimir Trkulja CMJ 2019; 60: 181-2

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Dunja Gorup CMJ 2019; 60: 183-8

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