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Why scholarly publishing might be a bubble

Hrvoje Barić, Ksenija Baždarić, Anton Glasnović, Srećko Gajović CMJ 2017; 58: 1-3

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Comparison of preprocessing methods and storage times for touch DNA samples

Hui Dong, Jing Wang, Tao Zhang, Jian-ye Ge, Ying-qiang Dong, Qi-fan Sun, Chao Liu, Cai-xia Li CMJ 2017; 58: 4-13

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Vaccination and anaphylaxis: a forensic perspective

Cristian Palmiere, Camilla Tettamanti, Maria Pia Scarpelli CMJ 2017; 58: 14-25

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PowerPlex� Fusion 6C System: evaluation study for analysis of casework and database samples

Selena Cisana, Nicoletta Cerri, Alessandro Bosetti, Andrea Verzeletti, Venusia Cortellini CMJ 2017; 58: 26-33

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Glucose metabolism in completed suicide: a forensic-pathological pilot study

Jonas Forsman, Terhi Keltanen, Benny Liberg, Antti Sajantila, Thomas Masterman, Katarina Lindroos CMJ 2017; 58: 34-9

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Rituximab with dose-adjusted EPOCH as first-line treatment in patients with highly aggressive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and autologous stem cell transplantation in selected patients

Vlatko Pejša, Željko Prka, Marko Lucijanić, Zdravko Mitrović, Mario Piršić, Ozren Jakšić, Radmila Ajduković, Rajko Kušec CMJ 2017; 58: 40-8

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Effect of preoperative topical diclofenac on intraocular interleukin-12 concentration and macular edema after cataract surgery in patients with diabetic retinopathy: a randomized controlled trial

Aleksej Medić, Tomislav Jukić, Anita Matas, Katarina Vukojević, Ada Sapunar, Ljubo Znaor CMJ 2017; 58: 49-55

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Relationship between weather conditions and admissions for ischemic stroke and subarachnoid hemorrhage

Adam D. Tarnoki, Acar Türker, David L. Tarnoki, Mehmet S İyisoy, Blanka K. Szilagyi, Hoang Duong, Laszlo Miskolczi CMJ 2017; 58: 56-62

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The EUROPEP questionnaire for patient’s evaluation of general practice care: Bulgarian experience

Rositsa Dimova, Rumyana Stoyanova, Donka Keskinova CMJ 2017; 58: 63-74

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It may be easier to publish than correct or retract faulty biomedical literature

Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva CMJ 2017; 58: 75-9

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Digital society generates new challenges on child welfare services

Heidi Aarum Hansen, Siv Britt Björktomta, Anna Lydia Svalastog CMJ 2017; 58: 80-3

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CMJ 2017; 58: 84

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Ivan Bohaček CMJ 2017; 58: 85-6

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