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Cover Page

75th Anniversary of Andrija Štampar School of Public Health – What Can We Learn from Our Past for the Future?

CMJ 2002; 43: 371-373

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Childhood Injury: Call for Action

Martin McKee, Stjepan Orešković CMJ 2002; 43: 375-378

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Guest Editorial

Aiming for Prevention: Medical and Public Health Approaches to Small Arms, Gun Violence, and Injury

Brian Rawson CMJ 2002; 43: 379-385

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Impact of Injuries

Economic Impact of Injuries According to Type of Injury

Kent Lindqvist CMJ 2002; 43: 386-389

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Evaluation of Community Based Intervention for the Protection of Children from Small Arms and Explosive Devices During the War: Observational Study

Aida Mujkić, Gorka Vuletić, Dragica Kozarić-Kovačić CMJ 2002; 43: 390-395

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Impact of War on Health Related Quality of Life in Croatia: Population Study

Andreja Babić-Banaszak, Luka Kovačić, Lana Kovačević, Gorka Vuletić, Aida Mujkić, Zdravko Ebling CMJ 2002; 43: 396-402

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Health Insurance

Years of Potential Life Lost and Valued Years of Potential Life Lost in Assessing Premature Mortality in Slovenia

Jožica Šelb Šemerl, Janja Šešok CMJ 2002; 43: 439-445

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Reforms of Health Care System in Romania

Ana-Claudia Bara, Wim J. A. van den Heuvel, Johannes A. M. Maarse CMJ 2002; 43: 446-452

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Supplemental Health Insurance: Did Croatia Miss an Opportunity?

John C. Langenbrunnner CMJ 2002; 43: 403-407

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Are Medical Savings Accounts a Viable Option for Funding Health Care?

Anna Dixon CMJ 2002; 43: 408-416

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Citizens’ Views on Health Insurance in Croatia

Miroslav Mastilica, Sanja Babić-Bosanac CMJ 2002; 43: 417-424

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Low Demand for Substitutive Voluntary Health Insurance in Germany

Sarah Thomson, Reinhard Busse, Elias Mossialos CMJ 2002; 43: 425-432

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Two Ophthalmology Departments Financed by Compulsory Health Insurance: What Is It that Makes a Difference in Costs and Clinical Effectiveness?

Mirjana Nasić, Stjepan Orešković CMJ 2002; 43: 433-438

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Comparative Approaches to Pharmaceutical Price Regulation in the European Union

Monique F. Mrazek CMJ 2002; 43: 453-461

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Encouraging the Use of Generic Medicines: Implications for Transition Economies

Derek R. King, Panos Kanavos CMJ 2002; 43: 462-469

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(Re)Emerging Public Health Issues

Health Technology: Challenge to Public Health

Reuben Eldar CMJ 2002; 43: 470-474

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Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome in Brazil

Domingos Alves Meira CMJ 2002; 43: 475-479

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Urging Health System Research: Identifying Gaps and Fortifying Tuberculosis Control in Pakistan

Khan M. Ibrahim, Khaled M. Yassin, Klaus Hurrelmann, Ulrich Laaser CMJ 2002; 43: 480-484

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Waters in Croatia between Practice and Needs: Public Health Challenge

Ksenija Vitale, Marija Marijanović Rajčić, Ankica Senta CMJ 2002; 43: 485-492

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Phthalates in Underground Waters of the Zagreb Area

Mira Mihovec-Grdić, Zdenko Šmit, Dinko Puntarić, Jasna Bošnir CMJ 2002; 43: 493-479

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Incidence of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma in Coastal and Continental Croatia: Epidemiological Study

Katja Ćurin, Marko Šarić, Marija Strnad CMJ 2002; 43: 498-502

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Public Health Training in Albania: Long Way toward a School of Public Health

Enver Roshi, Genc Burazeri CMJ 2002; 43: 503-507

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Physician in War


CMJ 2002; 43: 508-509

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Quality Corner


Health Technology Assessment and Quality of Care CMJ 2002; 43: 510-512

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The New Future. Report from the 7th Congress of the World Association of Croatian Physicians CMJ 2002; 43: 513

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CMJ 2002; 43: 514-515

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