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Cover Page

From Dust to Dust: Ethical and Practical Issues Involved in the Location, Exhumation, and Identification of Bodies from Mass Graves

Erin D. Williams, John D. Crews CMJ 2003; 44: 251-258

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Forensic Science

Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction-based Assay for Estimating DNA Yield Extracted from Domestic Cat Specimens

Marilyn Menotti-Raymond, Victor David, Leslie Wachter, Naoya Yuhki, Stephen J. O’Brien CMJ 2003; 44: 327-331

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Development of a 17-plex Microsatellite Polymerase Chain Reaction Kit for Genotyping Horses

Pero Dimsoski CMJ 2003; 44: 332-335

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Laboratory Aspects of Bioterrorism-related Anthrax – from Identification to Molecular Subtyping to Microbial Forensics

Tanja Popović, Mindy Glass CMJ 2003; 44: 336-341

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World Trade Center Human Identification Project:Experiences with Individual Body Identification Cases

Zoran M. Budimlija, Mechthild K. Prinz, Amy Zelson-Mundorff, Jason Wiersema, Eric Bartelink, Gaille MacKinnon, Bianca L. Nazzaruolo, Sheila M. Estacio, Michael J. Hennessey, Robert C. Shaler CMJ 2003; 44: 259-263

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Development of a Quality, High Throughput DNA Analysis Procedure for Skeletal Samples to Assist with the Identification of Victims from the World Trade Center Attacks

Mitchell M. Holland, Christopher A. Cave, Charity A. Holland, Todd W. Bille CMJ 2003; 44: 264-272

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Specific Quantification of Human Genomes from Low Copy Number DNA Samples in Forensic and Ancient DNA Studies

Antonio Alonso, Pablo Martín, Cristina Albarrán, Pilar García, Dragan Primorac, Oscar García, Lourdes Fernández de Simón, Julia García-Hirschfeld, Manuel Sancho, Jose Fernández-Piqueras CMJ 2003; 44: 273-280

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Forensic Utility of Mitochondrial DNA Analysis Based on Denaturing High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

Greggory S. LaBerge, Robert J. Shelton, Phillip B. Danielson CMJ 2003; 44: 281-288

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Mixed Stains from Sexual Assault Cases: Autosomal or Y-Chromosome Short Tandem Repeats?

Nicoletta Cerri, Ugo Ricci, Ilaria Sani, Andrea Verzeletti, Francesco De Ferrari CMJ 2003; 44: 289-292

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Identification of Human Remains by Immobilized...

Matthew N. Gabriel, Cassandra D. Calloway, Rebecca L. Reynolds, Dragan Primorac CMJ 2003; 44: 293-298

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Identification of Forensic Samples by Using an Infrared-based Automatic DNA Sequencer

Ugo Ricci, Ilaria Sani, Michael Klintschar, Nicoletta Cerri, Francesco De Ferrari, Maria Luisa Giovannucci Uzielli CMJ 2003; 44: 299-305

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Different Dental Tissues as Source of DNA for Human Identification in Forensic Cases

Piedad C. Malaver, Juan J. Yunis CMJ 2003; 44: 306-309

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Allele and Haplotype Frequencies of Y-Short Tandem Repeat Loci in Turkey

Faruk Asicioglu, Fatih Akyüz, Ümit Çetinkaya, Mehmet Ali Canli CMJ 2003; 44: 310-314

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An Overview of DNA Methods for the Identification and Individualization of Marijuana

Heather Miller Coyle, Timothy Palmbach, Nicholas Juliano, Carll Ladd, Henry C. Lee CMJ 2003; 44: 315-321

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How High Should Paternity Index Be for Reliable Identification of War Victims by DNA Typing?

Ivan Biruš, Mladen Marcikić, Davor Lauc, Snježana Džijan, Gordan Lauc CMJ 2003; 44: 322-326

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Case Report

Double Incompatibility at Human Alpha Fibrinogen and Penta E loci in Paternity Testing

Anna Lucia Nutini, Alessandro Mariottini, Laura Giunti, Francesca Torricelli, Ugo Ricci CMJ 2003; 44: 342-346

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Paternity Testing in Case of Brother-sister Incest

Marijana Macan, Petra Uvodić, Vladimir Botica CMJ 2003; 44: 347-349

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Analysis of DNA Evidence Recovered from Epithelial Cells in Penile Swabs

Katja Drobnić CMJ 2003; 44: 350-354

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Scuba Diver with a Knife in His Chest: Homicide or Suicide?

Nadan M. Petri, Marija Definis-Gojanović, Dejan Andrić CMJ 2003; 44: 355-359

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Physician in War


CMJ 2003; 44: 360-361

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Quality Corner


CMJ 2003; 44: 362-363

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Book Review


CMJ 2003; 44: 364-367

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CMJ 2003; 44: 368-369

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CMJ 2003; 44: 309

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